Monday, September 26, 2011

I LOVE Rainy Season!

You heard me…I love it! Since we moved to Puerto Vallarta almost a year ago, we have heard nothing but how horrible rainy season can be. Of course, this mostly comes from locals who have been here a long time and who thrive on the warm, much less humid, winters here. Don’t get me wrong, the winters here are truly superb. But rainy season may be my favorite time of year. Here’s why:

SUNNY DURING THE DAY, RAINY AT NIGHT- That’s how it happens 99% of the time. It is extremely rare for it to rain all day every day, especially for a few days at a time. Instead, it’s actually blue skies and sunshine during the day. You would never even know that it’s rainy season until late afternoon. That’s when the clouds roll in. Which leads me to…

SUNSETS- In the summer, the sunsets are stunning. The clouds roll in just in time to create a heavenly tropical sky. Picture your favorite sunset postcard photo and that’s what it looks like every day. You are also more likely to see the infamous ‘green flash’ during the rainy season, or so they say.

THUNDERSTORMS- If you like thunderstorms, there is no better place. Once the sun sets and you’re settling in for your evening cocktail, you can catch a spectacular thunderstorm almost every night. You know how you see the lightning, then count the seconds until the thunder? Well, it’s not uncommon for the lightning and thunder to occur simultaneously here. The sound is almost deafening!

SLEEPING IN THE RAIN- When I was a kid, we used to sit in the screened porch at my grandmother’s house, listening to the raindrops hit the tin roof. Maybe I’m just nostalgic, but there’s something about the sound of rain at night. Now, there are a lot of times when the thunderstorms go on into the wee hours, but usually it’s just the rain that continues on through the night. And, MAN, can it rain here!

IT’S SO GREEN- Puerto Vallarta is beautiful all year round, but during rainy season, the colors from the mountainside and the flowers are so vibrant they just pop! The colors are so brilliant that they almost seem fake.

WARM WATER- If you’re like me, and most women are, the ocean is there just to cool off after lying in the sun too long. The only time I go further than just sticking my toes in the water is when I’m hot. In the winter, I don’t get very far because the water is so cold! In the summer, the water is so warm I never want to get out. I could float around and play in the waves for hours.

HAVING THE TOWN TO YOURSELF- Rainy season tends to discourage tourists from visiting this time of year. Clearly, the businesses would love to see the streets full 365 days a year. The truth is it isn’t very busy in the summer, so the beaches, the shops, the restaurants, and the bars are pretty quiet. If you think you like Vallarta during the height of tourist season, just imagine having it all to yourself.

So, the next time you’re considering a trip to a tropical destination like Puerto Vallarta, don’t let the words rainy season dampen your spirits (pun intended). You will be pleasantly surprised.

Posted by Stephanie Watts, Destinations Expert.

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