Monday, May 14, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Extended: Mexico’s Many Festivities

One of my favorite things about Mexico is there is ALWAYS a celebration of some sort. In the past two weeks alone, we have had Dia de los Ninos (Children’s Day), Primero de May (Labor Day), Dia de la Crux, Cinco de Mayo and Dia de la Madre (Mother’s Day). Each holiday elicits a fiesta: parades, fireworks, shows on the plaza, or a day off of work. On any given day, you could be driving down the street and stopped for a small parade crossing the street and not even be sure why.  

In addition to all of the holidays, there always seems to be a festival of some sort. There are film festivals, art festivals, and (most importantly) food and wine festivals. One of the greatest festivals of the year, the Atruism Festival, was held this past weekend. 

The best thing about the Altruism Festival is that that the proceeds support more than 20 local non-profit organizations. The next best thing is that more than 40 local restaurants donate food and drink to the attendees. For 400 pesos (that’s about $32 US), you can eat and drink some of the finest foods in the Vallarta area. Restaurants like Barcelona Tapas, CafĂ© de Artistes, River Cafe and Daiquiri Dick’s each have a table set up and selections from their menu available. Desserts from Pie in the Sky and other fine pastry shops are offered, and all beverages (water, beer, wine, tequila, etc.) are included. We attended for the first time this year, and all of the food was delicious! 

After we sufficiently stuffed our faces, we were entertained for over an hour by local dancers and a show by the crew of Rhythms of the Night. As with all festivities here in Puerto Vallarta, the evening ended with a fireworks show (we see fireworks here every single night and it never gets old).

Before the end of the month, we have Restaurant Week, the Wind Festival and one of the biggest holidays of the year here, Puerto Vallarta’s Birthday on May 31st. To top off the festivities, the weather is absolutely perfect this time of year. So, pack your bags & come on down, or book your trip now to attend next year’s Altruism Festival! We will certainly never miss it again!

- Stephanie Watts, Destination Expert

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