Wednesday, July 6, 2011

International Travelers Make Up for Flagging US Tourists

There's an interesting trend arising in travel to Mexico. The rise in negative press regarding border cities has caused a dip in American tourists traveling south, but international travelers have picked up the slack. In order to entice prospective travelers, the Mexico Tourism industry has offered a number of deals and special offers, and a number of foreign travelers have taken notice.

According to recent reports by the Washington Post and San Diego Red, interest for Mexico resort towns and historical sites has risen among a number of European countries, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, and others. Mexican President Felipe Calderón has stated that he would like his country to reach the top five worldwide tourism destinations by 2020 (it is currently number 10).

The reality is that despite a few negative incidents, travel to Mexico is very safe. Read more about this story from Banderas News, and be sure to check out just a few of the great deals offered by Mexican Destinations on our deals page.

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