Friday, May 6, 2011

Why You Should Go to Mexico

Globetrotter and travel expert Robert Reid just wrote a piece for CNN on why you should consider Mexico for your next vacation getaway. Reid debunks the unsavory rumors about tourists' saftey, and outlines a number of great reasons Mexico still offers an unforgettable travel experience. Most notably, he says, is the people:

A couple years ago, I informally polled various innkeepers and tour operators worldwide to find out who are the world's friendliest travelers. Guess who won. "Mexicans are such a joy to have here," one Bulgarian guesthouse owner e-mailed back. "They make everyone feel happier."

And it's often better in Mexico, where locals show particular gusto in love of life. Once I saw fireworks go off in Mexico City, before sunset, and asked a local why. He was surprised I didn't know. "It's Friday," he explained.

Read the entire CNN piece here, and be sure to check out Reid's travel blog where he highlights eight places in Mexico you really need to experience.

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